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Bitanga's Martial Arts Center
129 Mill St,
Middleport, OH 45760, United States

Phone: (740) 992-5715

To donate in a students name use the alphabetical list to find the students name, then fill in the donation field and click the donate button next to the students name.

Note: Students are listed in alphabeticle order with the last name first, so search for the students last name.

After November 6th the online donation will be suspended and any donations after that time will need to be made in person at Bitanga's Martial Arts Center.

This year’s goal is to raise the necessary funds to restore and expand the former Middleport stadium into a multipurpose outdoor venue. Plans include the introduction of a portable outdoor stage and shaded eating area to accommodate the new concession stand which is currently being built. Once the Stadium is returned to its former glory Middleport and Meigs county will possess a venue for outdoor concerts, band functions, youth athletics and much more.  

On the following page you will find information on how to become a part of this year’s event. Thank you for always being our partner in leading local change!
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Bitanga’s Breakathon & Craft Show

"Stadium of Dreams" Nov 5th 2022

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